Skin is the largest organ of body, covering approximately total area of 20sq ft. It acts as a water proof barrier & gives us the skin tone. Most interesting thing about skin is that though its one large organ but the way of its caring changes for different parts of body. Skin accounts to about 15% weight of your total body weight. Skin color depends on amount of color pigment melanin present in skin. Your skin reflects your overall health- “ best thing to remember is to eat healthy food & drink lot of water.”

A facial massage helps stimulate fibroblasts in skin to release collagen & restore elasticity which is lost as we age. We have designed a complete range of care which can be modified & redesigned as per the skin type & results expected.

Facial treatment which instantly gives magnetic radiance & soft glowing skin. Uniquely formulated for both men and women to brighten, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Improves blood circulation, refine the pores and improve the skin’s appearance.
Helps skin detoxification & revive dull congested skin. It enhances healthy collagen production giving a toned refreshed & purified skin
Improves skin firmness, reduces fine lines, reduces appearance of freckles, age spots & rough skin.
Stimulates healthy collagen growth & restores skin Ph. Being rich in vitamins it leaves the skin soft, supple, hydrated & rejuvenated.
Works on cell renewal & works on controlling melanin fibroblasts increase hence skin brightening. As it rehydrates skin making it flawless & bright
Ageing is a natural phenomenon, which cannot be stopped but can be delayed by taking good care of skin, giving good supplements back in skin t get the hydrated, nourished toned facial skin.
Where oily skin is considered to be the best skin while ageing but it has its own flaws which need to be attended time to time. Acne is a bacterial infection which needs proper & regular care to avoid reoccurrence.
Eyes open up truthfully about your health status. Due to over dependence on technology & lack of daily dose of nutrients our eyes face lot of problems & show their status. We help in curing this & add the sparkle back to your lovely eyes. To get the maximum optimum result from our treatment our nutritionists also help for internal care & cure.
It's also termed as stimulated Self Serum Skin Therapy. By adding further vitamins to your own platelets they are put back in skin which stimulates DNA Repair. Heals scars, makes mature skin look younger & gives a flawless clear look. The treatment is so good, effective & done in less time that it can be done in lunch time also. It’s a successful therapy among men & women.
This therapy is very beneficial for reduction of redness, age lines, skin sensitivity by penetration of intense pulses of light n skin which causes collagen & blood vessels below epidermis to constrict. It’s a very effective treatment for mature & dehydrated skin.
This is a procedure which involves elevating different parts of face using special protein threads without having to make surgical incision. Its recovery time is less & an economical alternative to face lift.
In this therapy the dermal layer of skin is infused with a cocktail of vitamins & antioxidants to revitalize & rejuvenate the skin.. skin becomes firm, radiant, youthful & glowing. Facial skin regains its natural elasticity & shape.