Fat 2 Fit

As name suggests getting FAT 2 FIT is more important than weighing less, getting fitter is more important than getting muscular, getting healthy is more important than getting skinny, consuming correct nutrients as required by your body is more important than popping in unknown supplements, indulging once in a while in guilt free treat & relishing it with positive mind than avoiding eating what your body craves for, indulging in an active activity which would make you happy & make your body release happy hormones making the activity enjoyable than just doing what is monotonous, boring & builds stress in us. If we all together follow what is preached above am sure we all would soon convert from FAT 2 FIT. At Azuara we have a different approach towards achievement of this dream. We work on following concepts-

Till now we all have moved with this notion that weighing scale is our judge who gives out the verdict if we are FAT or LEAN. All these years we all have made a big mistake by relying on this verdict which is not correct scientifically. Just think if size mattered then a bag full of cotton would weigh more than a scale size iron rod. Time to think & act & work on our bodies accordingly. Time to figure out & listen to what our bodies say. Once we understand it no one can stop us to get the best body which you would feel proud of. We want you to think is our weighing scale that trust worthy.
Am sure today all of us know lot more about nutrition than what was known few years back. But always remember half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. Our team of nutrition experts would guide you through the knowledge of nutrition & educate about the dos & don’ts of food we consume. None of the food is bad food, but the way we consume & the amount of consumption makes it bad. Every individual body is different & needs different levels of nutrition, which our nutritionists would sit with you & guide as per body requirement.
Activity is a huge fad these days. Never get carried away with the activity pattern which might be good for your friend but not so result giving for you. We help in designing your activity pattern as per your personal requirement to get the best optimized results. B Activ B Healthy.

Incorporating various therapies in our programme we can achieve the desired result fast, the programme has to be planned as per your requirement.

It’s a revolutionary technology with supersonic frequencies which penetrate fat deposits & the wavelength restructures the fibrils for a toned U