Our system has put a phobia in minds of children that going to a salon is a torture which we have tried t change for your kids, definitely all kids would now look forward to their visits for their hair.
Today the kids are equally into mental as well as physical work. Fast paced life & lack of nutritive food tends to weaken the scalp resulting in dry rough hair. Our therapy relaxes the kids & prepares them for tough mental competition.
Just a basic care of hands maintains the baby soft skin & also maintains the hygiene level.
Kids these days are involved in many physical activities so the soft feet therapy maintains the softness of feet & increase the hygiene & cleanliness of feet & nails.
In Indian culture we give daily massages to new born babies till they are few months old & massages are again started once we all grow up but growing kids are deprived of massages as max mental & physical growth of human body happens in this age. We cater to this need with specific massage technique & oils.
Funkier modes & designs are made on nails where the kids can have their fav idols with them on their nails.