TRICO means HAIR, human hair is made of keratin & dead skin cells, it serves as primary source of heat insulation & cooling as well as protection from ultra violet radiation exposure. So caring of hair is so important. Hair care is designed as per the clients hair need because companies market their products not knowing every individuals hair but we at Azuara use the expertise of our tricologists. For this we have specially designed treatments & hair care regime.

Shaping & styling of hair for both female & male. Our designers also do the beard restyling.
The goal of using shampoo is to remove the unwanted build u in the hair without stripping out so much sebum as to make hair unmanageable. Our multiple ranges of shampoo would be selected as per your hair & the hair would be pampered with deep cleaning & conditioning & viola you emerge with the best condition of your manageable hair
Due to excessive use of chemicals & dry air used we tend to deprive hair of nourishment & moisture due to which it looks quite frizzed out & dry forcing you to face a bad hair day. Entire range of exotic treatments would be worked on the hair on regular intervals so that te original condition of hair is managed.
With lot of nourishing oils & masks being used on hair we get smooth, tangle free, frizz free hair. Hair becomes ultra smooth, shiny & manageable under all circumstances.
Its the latest & effective treatment for hair growth. This treatment would help in regrowth of own hair without external transplant as it stimulates the weakened hair follicles which in turn strengthens the hair root
In this therapy hair growth is stimulated by Plasma rich self serum. It speeds the hair growth & also increases hair density
As we know hair is made up of keratin protein which is lost with increased exposure to external elements. This treatment replenishes back the keratin in hair making it stronger, frizz free & manageable. The beauty of hair stays for nearly 2 months & more depending on the care.
This treatment is also called as insurance for hair. It fixes the damaged hair beautifully. It repairs the hair bonds improving the condition & texture of hair
Indians have a huge heritage of knowledge to take care f their mane with help of natural ingredients which are chemical free. Get a feel of being pampered the way our royal families did since ages & feel a part of that royalty heritage.